Scattered blog. Scattered life. UNAPOLOGETICALLY HAPPY.

Don’t take this in a bad way! My life is very put together in a technical sense. In a mental sense, it’s a different story. This blog compiles my random thoughts and its current mental state as I write. All in all, I want to share with the world and show them that it’s okay to live a healthy scattered life and it’s okay to have your hands…or should I say mind, in multiple areas of thought. Be unapologetically YOU!

In some areas of the blog, you will see I have very inspirational posts for women. With that, I aim to help women discover their true potential and guide them to living a better life. We can all be happy if we truly put the effort in doing so. Posts will be things that I have come across that have helped me. I will also be writing some original things that will help also.

In other areas, I will discuss things that relate to being a millennial who has matured earlier than the average and living in this crazy world. They will range from learning experiences, ah-ha moments, random experiences and encounters, advice and guidance.

You might catch me talking about happiness, love, hurt, thoughts, friends, family, everything. Needless to say, this blog is for everyone who just wants to know that there is someone out there who thinks some of the same things as you and of course, the occasional person who just stumbles over this and is entertained.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments!


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